Thursday, 15 June 2017

YPP (London) meet-up, tomorrow Friday 16 June

We'll be at The Brewmaster nr Leicester Square from 5.20 or so onwards - if you think you'll turn up later than 6.30, please get in touch or 07954 59 07 44.

Leicester Square Tube Exit 1, turn left and left again into the alleyway (St Martin's Court). We put a yellow YPP leaflet on the table so that you can find us.

Topic: Labour Party trying to put us out of business.


Sobers said...

"Having LVT as an additional tax on top of what we've already got is a stupid idea and nobody has recommended it, so we don't need to address that."

Have you seen any politicians lately? There is no way that any politician is abolishing IHT, CGT, SDLT and all the other taxes you mention in favour of a 1% LVT. They can't keep their fingers out of the pie. Its also political suicide in the current climate - 'Billionaires get huge tax cut, Mrs Smith has to pay more'. Never going to happen, particularly if implemented by a government of the Corbyn persuasion.

I'll make a prediction - if a pure LVT is ever introduced in the UK (to nominally replace council tax for example) it will be net revenue raising, because from a politicians point of view, whats the point otherwise? Why go through all the massive political and social upheaval it will cause (and it will, messing with property taxes cost Mrs T her job) if at the end of it there's no extra cash to spend on your voters?

Mark Wadsworth said...

S, you have just contradicted yourself several times, so it's impossible to respond.

Mike W said...

Sobers, out of interest, what do you see as the 'current climate'?

Topic: Labour Party trying to put us out of business.

That's the plan. You keep the foxhunting. We have LVT lite as the first course your LVT, step by step, as the main :)